SolarSpikes has a number of solutions to prevent pests, including birds, from getting under the solar panels. Our solutions consist of three systems, which are SolarSlider, SolarBlocker and SolarMesh. It is natural for pests to seek out a warm and dry place to nest. The solar panels on the roof are a very suitable place for this as it is warm and dry. Ultimately, this has no pleasant consequences for the pests, the solar panels and the owner alike, and nesting under the solar panels is even dangerous!

Why SolarSpikes?

Birds and other animals under solar panels are very dangerous and absolutely do not mix! There are many reasons why this should be avoided. Because the consequences can be so significant, it is listed in the NEN1010 standard. It is therefore an absolute necessity that every installation be equipped with one of SolarSpikes’ systems. As an installer, it is also essential to inform your customers about this, as consumers are often unaware of the dangers. The main dangers of pests under solar panels are:

  • In the nesting season, it gets hot under the solar panels. Birds, as well as other animals, see it as a safe and pleasant place to nest. However, temperatures run as high as 70 degrees. This causes the eggs in the nest to burn.
  • The nest is mainly made of twigs. When moving the twigs, this causes scratches in the film. This not only causes the panel to be irreparably damaged, but also allows the system to malfunction. This failure means a reduction in efficiency. The moment this is noticed, there are already costs in terms of lower returns after which repair costs are added.
  • Besides the fact that the twigs cause scratches, the material the nests are made of is flammable. Combined with the high temperature reached under the panels, this is very dangerous! In addition, birds, but certainly martens, like to gnaw on solar panel cables. These get damaged and can cause fires.
  • Once birds and other pests have been under the solar panels, they try to return here again and again. So it is advisable to install SolarSpikes at the time of installation to avoid this.
  • If birds see the solar panels as their place and keep returning, this also causes more pollution of the panels. This has a significant effect on returns.
  • Pests not only reduce the output of solar panels, but also create a nuisance. Consider the sound, the smell and, of course, the droppings.

The benefits of SolarSpikes

  • No nuisance from animals under the solar panels
  • Meets the obligations according to NEN1010
  • The systems feature a long service life
  • Does not cause damage to the installation
  • It extends the life of solar panels
  • The material of the systems is UV-resistant
  • It increases the efficiency of solar panels
  • 5-year product warranty on the material
  • It prevents damage to the solar panels
  • Through clips no permanent attachment
  • Less trouble from bird droppings