Professional fauna protection for solar panels

Professional fauna protection for solar panels

Prevent birds and rodents from nesting under the solar panels and causing defects?

Professional fauna protection for solar panels

Looking for a way to prevent birds and small animals from nesting under your solar panels and causing damage? SolarSpikes is the easy answer. Our innovative and sustainable solutions protect your solar panels from animals settling underneath to help prevent lack of ventilation, lower efficiency, and fire.

Why SolarSpikes

SolarSpikes offers three different fauna prevention products that will solve your nesting problems completely. Made from stainless steel, the SolarSpikes can be easily installed under standard solar panels by using the included clips or SolarSpikes glue. For a more adaptable mounting option, the SolarMesh with mounting clips is the right choice. When nuisance from nesting is minimal – or when a smaller budget is available – you can choose the stainless steel SolarBlocker.


All SolarSpikes products are top-quality and have a professional look and a clean finish. Therefore, the products are barely visible.



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